Hi! My name is Lisa Ann! Welcome to my new little web site. I hope you enjoy all of my new pictures. It really gets me hot and horney knowing that all my internet fans are lusting over me. I always like to try new things and take new pictures , so keep coming back for new pics! Please feel free to send me an email if you are interested in saying hi, or would like to know a little bit more about me. I would love  to hear all about what you were thinking about while looking at my pictures!!!!  I DO respond to emails, especially if you are a member of my private area!
I am currently a dancer in the Los Angeles area. I love to show off my body, and tease all the men. Something about knowing that I can get a man off by rubbing up against  him, and moving in exotic ways, really makes me wet.
All my guy friends know that I have only one thing on my mind. AND THAT IS SEX!! This site is mostly run by me. I have to admit, i have a friend that helps me with the hard stuff. But  I assure you, I will be answering your email and will be updating my member's section with different (very nasty) pics every week (I'll put a few new ones in the free section from time to time also for those who haven't joined yet).  I am always taking more pics, so keep checking back so I can give you a little more of me each week!!!
  • My age? 29

  • My height? 5'2"

  • My weight? 105 lbs.

  • Am I married? NO!

  • Am I bisexual? yes, but i will always love a stiff hard cock the most. And a friend to join me with one.
  • My Birthday? feb 6

  • Am I horny 24 hours a day? Oh YES!
(i can't seem to get enough!!)
  • Am I a stripper/dancer? I strip at several clubs, Occasionally, my friends get a few favors as well.

  • My favorite sex position? I love to take it from behind.

  • What turns me on? I love to screw public places, and curious looking strangers.
My hottest fantasy? I'd LOVE to be with another pretty girl or couple!.
I am by no means a professional. I thought i would do an amatuer site to share with you, some of my assets which i really thought that you might enjoy. Of course, the profits help keep me going, and give me more time to  focus on sharing me and my desires with all of you. Do email me, and tell me what you think of me or my site. Or if you have any advice, i would love to hear from you!!
Lisa Ann